Major PCR changes 'imminent' meaning travellers can fly for cheaper

Britons hoping for foreign holidays have received a boost as major PCR changes are expected soon.

It comes after the massive Red List change was announced yesterday, which resulted in a huge selection of countries.

Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps said the changes begin Monday and “mark the next step” in opening trips.

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However, there could be another big change in the way Brits test for coronavirus in the coming days.

PCR testing should be simplified and made cheaper by October 22nd, but it looks like Grant Shapps could bring this forward “in days”.

As part of the new scheme, sun seekers with full jabbed functionality can quickly and easily get a lateral flow kit on their second day at home, reports the sun.

You can take a photo of it as evidence instead of having to zoom in or take the test in person.

Heathrow Airport is even preparing to offer the swabs at the airport so passengers can get a result within minutes of landing.

Mr Shapps said the new system will be a “big step forward” and result in “massively reduced prices” for those going overseas.

He said: “We assume it’s ready for half time and what a difference it will make for people.”

When asked when the final details of the plan will be announced, he replied, “In the coming days.”

And he expressed the hope that trips to many favorite destinations will be completely “testless” by next summer.

Mr Shapps advised Brits planning a trip to “suspend” booking tests if possible until the change was made.

But he said they could book their vacations based on the cheaper new system that is being introduced.

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