'Making the Cut' Is More Than Your Typical Fashion Competition Show

Right now, it’s hard to think of buying much more than groceries, paper towels, disinfectant wipes, and maybe a new pair of sweatpants. With the uncertainty that affects every industry, it’s economy money for most of us.

This is why it may seem questionable for Amazon Prime Video to launch its new series of fashion contests, Make the cut, who literally wants viewers to buy. But the producers of the series animated by Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn do not necessarily agree. If anything, they say, they are proud to invest in a show that is less about creating an expensive runway look, and more about launching an affordable global brand (all items cost around $ 100 or less), size included (American sizes will vary from XXS to XXL), and has worldwide appeal.


“We know this is a crazy time,” executive producer Sara Rea said by phone from Los Angeles. “I hope we can offer some lightness and an escape.”

The 10-episode series has all the ingredients to do it, starting with animators and executive producers Klum and Gunn, who help guide the contestants, offer constructive commentary, and explore each city along the way. The old Project track alums have partnered with Rea (who also produced executive Project track) to reinvent the genre by becoming larger and bolder, while being realistic in relation to the needs of consumers.

“We spent 10 years together doing everything to invent and reinvent Project track“But under strict parameters,” says Rea. “We have always had great ideas, so when this opportunity arose [where the consumer can buy the winning look after each episode in Amazon’s marketplace], we wanted to get him out of the water and do something super special and super different. “

Klum tells Charm that’s the main reason why she also wanted to be part of this new business. “What inspired me was to do things that I haven’t been able to do for 17 seasons[[[[Project track], like traveling. It was important to show our candidates different places around the world – like Paris, Tokyo and New York – to inspire them, as well as incredible guest judges[asNaomiCampbellJosephAltuzarraNicoleRichieChiaraFerragniparlentdeleurhistoiredevieetdeleurexperience”[likeNaomiCampbellJosephAltuzarraNicoleRichieChiaraFerragnitalkabouttheirlifestoryandtheirexperience”[commeNaomiCampbellJosephAltuzarraNicoleRichieChiaraFerragniparlentdeleurhistoiredevieetdeleurexpérience”[likeNaomiCampbellJosephAltuzarraNicoleRichieChiaraFerragnitalkabouttheirlifestoryandtheirexperience”



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