Man, 24, murdered woman before dismembering body after meeting on night out

A man was found guilty of murdering a dismembered woman over a kebab shop after she disappeared one night.

Twisted Azam Mangori, 24, killed 32-year-old Lorraine Cox in his room above a kebab shop in Exeter last September.

Mangori was found guilty by a jury at Exeter Crown Court this afternoon for murdering Lorraine, whom he encountered while walking home from a night drunk.

Miss Cox’s disappearance led to a major police investigation into the city in early September 2020.

The Iraqi national cut her body into seven pieces over the course of a week and dumped her clothes and belongings in trash cans and the woods.

Miss Cox was last seen walking home from a night out with friends at around 1:30 p.m. on September 1.

Prosecutors said a drunken Miss Cox and Mangori had a “sexual encounter” in an alley before returning to his apartment above Bodrum Kebab House.

Her whereabouts remained a mystery to her family for a week until Mangori – a failed asylum seeker from Iraq who could be deported – was arrested by detectives.

She had been drinking with friends on the quayside and at The Arcade Pub before starting her journey home on foot.

She didn’t know Mangori, but CCTV is showing the two of them meeting near the intersection of Sidwell Street and High Street in the city center.

The defendant alleged that he panicked after the diabetic Miss Cox suddenly died in his apartment.

A pathologist was unable to determine the cause of Miss Cox’s death based on the length of time between her murder and the remains found.

Mangori gave evidence and told the jury that she died suddenly after drinking sex and using drugs in his bedroom.

He said he panicked when he saw her lying dead on the floor and left her in his room for a few days before wrapping her body in plastic wrap, trash bags, and duct tape.

“I just remember waking up like it was a nightmare. I just freaked out when I saw her. I just pulled her onto my bed because she looked really cold,” he said.

“Deep down, I knew she was dead, but I thought she was going to wake up.”


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