Man, 25, died just weeks after getting the heart transplant he'd waited years for

A 25-year-old man died just weeks after the heart transplant he had waited three years for.

Liam Taylor tragically died after suffering cardiac arrest while undergoing pacemaker-fitting surgery.

His devastated family paid tribute to the “funny” and “gentle” son and brother who are said to always laugh.

Liam from Darlington, who had a number of health problems, never complained as he endured countless surgeries and procedures and waited years for a heart transplant. Teesside Live Report.

Mama Sarah Taylor said, “He was just so funny, he laughed at everything. He was pretty calm, gentle, and well behaved.

“He’s got some new coaches who came after his death,” she added. “We opened it and it had ‘new heart, new me’ engraved on it.

“He wanted to go for a walk on the weekend and so on. He talked to me about wanting to cook in college, he loved to cook. He always made tea for the family. “

Now the family is raising money for the infirmary that looked after him and is encouraging as many people as possible to make sure they sign up as donors.

Liam, who worked as a mechanic at S&L Motor Vehicle Services, fell ill after catching a cold about three years ago and was taken to Freeman’s Hospital in Newcastle where he suffered cardiac arrest.

The former Carmel college student was provided with a left ventricular assist device (LVAD), which he lived with for a year.

But he kept getting blood clots and septicemia and it was decided that Liam needed a heart transplant and he was put on the urgent list.

But four months later, Liam suffered a ruptured bowel that required further surgery, and it took him at least six months to recover.

“He came back about six months ago he was in the hospital the whole time and he was doing really well while waiting for his heart, “said Sarah.

“He finally got a heart on September 1st and everything was great, everything went well and he came home on September 24th.

“He came back and surprised his grandma and he was fine, he just thought he exhausted himself on Sunday.

“But then he said ‘I’m really bad’ so we took him to the hospital and he was taken back to Newcastle and even then everything seemed fine.”

He told his mother on the phone that he was going to have pacemaker surgery because doctors had determined it was a problem with his heart rhythm.

However, during the procedure, Liam suffered “massive cardiac arrest” and tragically died.

“He’s been gone all these years, he’s had countless surgeries from all these things that went wrong like blood clots,” Sarah said. “But he was just at the end of it all and then this happened it’s just so cruel. ”

Liam’s sister Beth Taylor added, “Even though Liam had complications with his heart transplant, we would like to encourage people to become donors as this will give people like my brother the opportunity to get on with their lives.”

To date, more than £ 2,020 has been paid to a. donated Go and finance me Page set up in memory of Liam to support The Freeman’s Hospital, Ward 38 charity fund an adult transplant center where Liam spent months.

“He’d love to help other people. The only reason we’re doing this is to raise awareness and fundraise for the station,” added Sarah.

“He wanted to collect something for the station anyway, so he would have wanted it.

Liam Taylor

“He always told me stories about the nurses and the nurses and how he sat and talked to them forever.

“They called him the gentle giant because he took care of the elderly patients.

“He never wanted anyone to feel sorry for him, he was glad that they talked to him as usual and cheered him up and made him laugh.”

The family including Liam’s siblings Jack, Daniel, Beth, George, Louise and stepfather Paul Hawkeswood were inundated with messages of support as friends share stories and pay tribute to Liam.

“We got a lot of nice messages from his friends. The girl in the workshop said if Liam came in early, even if he wasn’t working there, everyone would stop and talk to him, ”added Sarah.

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