Man, 29, who thought coronavirus was 'b***s***' issues poignant plea

A man who thought coronavirus was “b *** s ***” sent a poignant message from his hospital bed.

Chris Grailey from North West England is in intensive care in Hertfordshire.

From his bed in the intensive care unit, Chris shared a message with friends and social media followers urging them to take Covid-19 seriously.

The 29-year-old became seriously ill with the deadly bug because he thought it was “invincible”.

He lies on a hospital bed and breathes with an oxygen mask. He’s not sure if he’ll come out on the other side.

The sales manager has no underlying health conditions and said he was the “first to say (coronavirus) everything was cops ***”.

He said The Manchester Evening News : “I caught it in Tenerife because I thought I was invincible and I don’t wear a mask.

“I paid the price. I don’t have any underlying health problems.

“I don’t want anyone to make the same mistakes as me.

“Now I’m in the intensive care unit, waiting for further treatment and don’t know if I’ll get out the other side.

“So I really want you to take this message on board because it can happen to anyone, please, please pay attention.”

On Friday, Chris spoke to our sister title in the Northwest from his hospital bed in Watford, where he works on a work project.

Man, 29, who thought coronavirus was 'b***s***' issues poignant plea 1

“I was sick for most of the vacation – lost my taste, smelled, had a cold sweat,” he said.

“But it got worse when I got home.

“I was rushed for tests and scans on Sunday morning and sent home on Sunday evening thinking I was fine.

“I was then taken straight back to a COVID ward on Tuesday morning.”

He wrote on Facebook: “The way I’ve felt over the past week has never been as hellish as it has ever been – I just sat there honestly and was ready to just give up.

“I can’t breathe, walk, move. I’m like a zombie.

“I have four different antibiotics, steroids, 24/7 oxygen, more holes in my arm than a junkie.

“The reason I’m showing you all this is because I was the first to say it was all bullshit and” nah f ** k it was young we ain’t gonna get it, it’s just bad flu, government conspiracy blah blah blah “wrong!

“This is REAL, it’s real life that is killing me.

“So before you start thinking about going to house parties and thinking that if you split 10 pound notes, you are invincible, look at this picture and imagine it could be you.

“It can reach anyone, I’m 29 years old and I have no health problems. This is serious. Please, please wake people up. There is more to life than that.

“I really want the boys to go out and take no notice, to look at my pictures and think it might be them.

“I have no underlying health problems and 29 and it happened to me.

“Life is too short to put your health at risk. I’ve learned how hard it is for people not to make the same mistakes as me,” he said.


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