Man and lover 'sentenced to death for adultery after father-in-law insists on execution'

Under the Iranian form of Sharia law, adultery is punishable by stoning – although a 2013 amendment allows judges to order various forms of execution, usually hanging

A man and his mistress were sentenced to death for adultery after his father-in-law insisted on their death (

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Iran reportedly will sentence a husband and his mistress to death for adultery after the man’s father-in-law insists that they die.

The man’s wife is said to have given police video clips of her husband’s infidelity earlier this year, but also called for him and his lover to be spared the ultimate punishment, reports local media.

It was the woman’s father who called for the couple to be executed and a lawsuit in his favor, Shargh Daily reports.

According to the Iranian form of Sharia law, the victim’s family can forgive the accused and their sentence can be reduced from the death penalty to pardon or imprisonment.

Adultery is a capital crime in Iran under the interpretation of Sharia law, which was introduced after the country’s Islamic revolution in 1979.

The original law provided for the crime to be punished by stoning, but Tehran changed that in 2013 and judges can now order alternative methods – usually hanging.

According to the Iranian form of Sharia law, adultery is punished with stoning


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It is currently unclear what form of execution was ordered in the couple’s case.

According to Amnesty International, Iran carried out 246 executions in the past year, but only one of them was public.

But there was no breakdown of how many of these executions were for the crime of adultery.

It comes as Foreign Secretary Liz Truss faces increasing pressure to confirm whether she will delegate to a junior minister to ensure the release of Nazanin Zhaghari-Ratcliffe from Iran.

Shadow Foreign Minister Lisa Nandy has written to Ms. Truss insisting that she must prove that rescuing Nazanin and Anoosheh Ashoori, who are also being held in Iran, is “an absolute priority” in her new role.

Liz Truss has not met Mr. Ashoori’s family since becoming Secretary of State, but she did not meet Mr. Ratcliffe until he began his hunger strike.

Mr Ashoori was sentenced to 10 years in prison for alleged espionage and had two short vacations before returning to prison. He has been on a hunger strike in the past and has served four years so far.

He was told that he lost his release request on the same day that Nazanin was told that she had lost her appeal on another one-year sentence for alleged propaganda activities against the regime.

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