Man banned from keeping pets after verbally abusing his dog

Man banned from keeping pets after verbally abusing his dog

A man was banned from keeping pets after being prosecuted for verbally abusing his DOG.

Joshua Ponsford, 23, pleaded guilty after being prosecuted by the RSPCA.

The animal rights group took Ponsford to court after hearing a tapping of him cursing his dog, a Rottweiler named Lulu.

Ponsford admitted guilty to Bristol Magistrates Court on Wednesday November 4th and was banned from keeping animals for five years.

In the recordings, the dog owner from St. George, Bristol, can be heard yelling and yelling at his pet pooch.

During a recording that was 59 seconds long, Ponsford can be heard saying, “Get on your bed, get on your bed, get on your bed now, get on your king size bed, get on your bed now, stay now now you there. You dirty little mutt. “

The recording also includes bangs and screams before Ponsford hears “now” screaming “you and your damn ball dog”. I’ve had enough of all your hidden toys, yes, yes “and” shut up “.

A second recording, 57 seconds long, also contained examples of Ponsford’s treatment of Lulu.

You can hear his voice say, “I’ll go back to the store and get myself

some bits. Don’t even think about “robbing” until a dog hears screaming, whimpering and barking.

Then he yells “shut up” and “look at my apartment, my apartment is covered”.

The third shot of 17 seconds contains Lulu’s scream before Ponsford says, “I’m going to fuck you,” followed by Lulu’s whimper.

As the recording continues, Ponsford shouts “move” before repeated punches and Lulu screaming, followed by Ponsford saying “get back into the space dog”.

RSPCA inspector Miranda Albinson said, “During these recordings, the man who can be heard is clearly angry and can hear the dog yelling.”

Ponsford denied physically harming his dog, but admitted that his behavior was inappropriate and that it worried Lulu for a period of time.

Veterinarian David Martin said: “In my opinion, Lulu undoubtedly suffered from mental anxiety and terror as a result of the verbal abuse by Mr Ponsford as shown on the audio recordings.

“It is known and recognized by the general public that dogs respond to the tone and volume of their voices and that dogs are vulnerable and fearful and distress when verbally abused, especially when it is repeated or persistent.

“Dog training and discipline must be recognized as reward-based these days, so that positive performance is rewarded and negative behavior is ignored and not responded to.

“Physical and verbal abuse is no longer acceptable in dog training because it has been shown to be both ineffective and cause long-term concerns for the dog.”

In addition to the five-year disqualification of animal ownership, against which no appeal can be lodged for three years, Ponsford was granted a six-week curfew.

He is also required to complete 20 days of rehabilitation and was asked to pay £ 200 in costs plus a £ 90 sacrificial allowance.

Lulu has been taken into the care of the RSPCA and is currently at the Bristol Animal Rescue Center where she is still in rehabilitation.

Staff say she is a lovely bitch who has bonded well with her caregivers but still needs time to adapt to new situations before she finds a loving new home.



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