Man crushed to death by his own car at McDonald's drive-thru in Canada

A man in Canada was crushed to death by his own car while driving through McDonald’s last week in what local police called a “tragic death”.

Tony Eyles.Facebook

The Vancouver Police Department confirmed that Anthony “Tony” Eyles, a married 42-year-old father of two from Maple Ridge, British Columbia, died on September 8th.

Eyles leaned out of the vehicle to pick up an item that fell while trying to pay for his order at a McDonald’s drive-through window in downtown Vancouver and was crushed by his car, police said.

VPD said a surveillance video showed that when Eyles opened his car door to pick up the dropped object, “the vehicle rolled forward and collided with a piece of structure in the restaurant. The driver could not get out of the vehicle because he was between the vehicle door and the frame. “

“First responders tried to resuscitate the man, but tragically he died on the scene,” said Constable Tania Visintin of the Vancouver Police Department said in a statement. “This is an absolutely heartbreaking scenario. Our condolences go out to the family and friends of this man. “

Local news reports said Eyles’ co-workers and family raised tens of thousands of dollars for the husband’s widow and two young children.

Eyles’ brother-in-law, Neal Pender, said CTV that Eyles was an elevator mechanic who serviced high-rise buildings in downtown Vancouver.

“Understandably, the children don’t quite understand it. We were just trying to surround them with as much family as possible, ”Pender told the network.

Pender did not immediately respond to a request from NBC News for comment.

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