Man diagnosed with skin cancer after mum spotted change in mole during Zoom quiz

An official whose mother discovered a cancerous mole on his temple during a family zoom quiz is now raising money for charity by asking people to help him put a button on a £ 1.2 million Bugatti car to transform.

Kieran Drinkwater, 34, initially dismissed his mother’s concerns when she noticed a mole on his temple during a virtual meeting in November 2020.

Kieran, who lives in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, with his occupational therapist Emma and their children Eliza (5) and Ivy (2) told her it was always there when he compared it to an old photo in February 2021 and Als seeing how much it had grown, he had it removed.

He said, “The birthmark was removed and sent to the pathology department, and four weeks later the doctor informed me that it was cancerous. It was really scary.

“Your mind never forgets when it tells you these words, ‘You have cancer.’

“I was booked for an operation and the doctors removed extra skin around the mole to make sure they removed all of the cancer cells.”

He added, “I was very lucky. I was able to bypass all Covid raids and go private and didn’t need chemotherapy or radiation therapy. In September 2021 I received the all-clear.

“Now I want to raise money for Stand Up To Cancer to help other people with the disease.”

Unable to see his mother and father, who live in Blackpool, Lancashire, when the Covid restrictions were in place, Kieran virtually met with them for weekly quiz nights.

And while he thought his mother would be worried when she noticed his birthmark, he is now grateful that she sowed “a seed of doubt” for him.

He said, “My mom just made a very innocent comment – something like ‘What’s that on the head?’

“She talked about a birthmark on my temple and I just replied that I had it for years and she said, ‘I’ve never noticed it before.”

He added, “Then in February 2021, I looked in the mirror and found it looked a little bigger. So I looked at an old photo and it was literally just a specification back then, so I realized I had to see it. “

When he first checked the NHS website, he found a checklist for moles and found that he had all of the worrying signs.

He said, “Mine had changed color, was over six millimeters tall and had a jagged edge – all signs that something was wrong.”

He added, “So I called my GP and although Covid was restricting personal appointments, he called me back within hours and asked for photos of the mole.

“I was referred through the NHS to have it removed, but I didn’t want to wait as I’d read that even weeks could make a difference if it was cancer.

When Kieran looked at this 2016 picture of him and his daughter Eliza, he found that his mole had grown and contacted his family doctor

“Fortunately, I was able to pay privately, so I had it removed four weeks later.”

Then, four weeks after his surgery in April 2021, Kieran was told tests had confirmed the mole was cancerous and he was called for another operation.

He said he had melanoma, was so grateful it was discovered early, and reached out to TikTok for inspiration to raise money for research into the disease.

He is following a trend on the video sharing site to “trade up” where people start with a paper clip and continuously trade upwards for items of greater value to eventually start with a home and has set himself the goal to start with a button and end with a Bugatti car worth £ 1.2 million.

“I really wanted to raise money to help others with cancer,” he said.

“I had seen this influencer trade up on TikTok and thought it would be interesting to do so. So I figured out what I wanted to achieve.

“I love cars and have always wanted a Bugatti that costs over £ 1 million.”

He added, “So I started the Button 2 Bugatti Challenge and when I get there I’ll sell it and hopefully raise £ 1 million for Stand Up To Cancer.”

So far, his button has earned him a pizza oven, a brand new Smeg espresso machine, a Le Creuset espresso set, and a massive wall clock.

Kieran is now taking advantage of the Trade Up social media trend to raise funds for Stand Up to Cancer

“We now have a number of items to trade,” said Kieran.

He added, “We also bought a brand new PS5 console to be giving away separately as there is so much demand for it, with a draw date on December 3rd.

“I also set up a fundraising page for people who want to donate money to fight cancer directly but have no items to trade, which brings us up to £ 650 so far.

“I want to help as many people as possible because it changed my life when I was told I have cancer.”

Kieran also emphasizes that anyone concerned about skin changes should see a doctor as soon as possible.

“I know people are nervous about going to their doctor because of Covid,” he said.

“But if in any doubt if a mole has changed, I would recommend going to the NHS website first and using their guide and seeing your GP.”

Kieran is now trading in items to raise money for charity

He added, “I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having things like a mole that has changed shape examined as soon as possible.

“I am so grateful to the NHS. Everyone who is part of it has worked so hard and they have been great throughout my trip. “

To donate and trade, go to

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