Man fights for life after falling from roof watching fireworks at wedding

The wedding guest, known as Subby, is currently on a life support machine suffering brain damage in Pakistan after traveling from his home in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, to attend the ceremony

A British man is fighting for his life in Pakistan after falling four stores from a roof at a wedding.

Subby is understood to have flown to Pakistan from his home in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, to attend the ceremony.

It is thought he was watching fireworks from a roof when he fell off and suffered catastrophic injuries.

A man claiming to be his brother, Harris Nasim, has launched an urgent fundraiser to help Subby who traveled to the country without insurance, reports Yorkshire Live.

Efforts are underway to raise at least £10,000 to help pay for his “very costly” medical treatment via gofundme.

“I am setting up this gofundme post in order to raise some funds to help towards my brother’s medical bills in Pakistan,” the message reads.

“He’s traveled without travel insurance and treatments are very costly in Pakistan especially to treat his injuries.

“He fell off the roof of his house in Pakistan which is four storeys high and he’s damaged his brain and has internal bleeding.

“He’s currently on life support and those of you who have been abroad and received medical treatment in another country will know that it’s not covered by the NHS like it is here in the UK and it comes at a great cost.”

Subby’s treatment is estimated to cost between £10,000 and £15,000, according to the fundraiser.

“He is currently on a life support machine and is in desperate need of all the support he can get financially and emotionally,” the appeal adds.

“So, please donate generously and remember our little Subby in your prayers.”

To donate to the fundraiser for Subby, which has raised so far more than £3,100, click here

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