Man home from wife's funeral finds her alive and upset he didn't pick her up

One husband returned home after his wife’s funeral and was shocked to find her alive and upset.

Mutyala Girijamma, 75, was admitted to the Government General Hospital in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, South India, after testing positive for Covid-19.

Her husband Gaddayya visited her every day to make sure she was better, but when he got to the hospital on May 15th, he couldn’t find her.

After asking nurses and doctors for information, medical officials told Gaddayya that his wife sadly passed away and that her body had been handed over to him in a body bag.

The man destroyed on the ground was advised not to touch or open the bag without wearing personal protective equipment to avoid spreading the deadly virus.

Gaddayya brought the body of his beloved wife back to his home village and performed her final rites that day.

Mutyala was buried, but Gaddayya was too upset to hold a memorial service.

Just a few days later, the grieving man received more sad news when his son Ramesh also died of Covid-19.

Mutyala Girijamma

The funeral takes place

Shaken by his loss, Gaddayya buried his son and organized a joint memorial service for his wife and son.

But Mutyala left everyone in shock when she showed up at the wake and sat down and looked at everyone.

The elderly woman was upset that her husband hadn’t picked her up from the hospital and that she had to borrow money to get a taxi home.

Mutyala Girijamma

The poster for the memorial service

Gaddayya and his family were horrified to learn that the hospital had given them the body of a stranger who they had buried because they thought it was Mutyala.

The identity of the person in the body bag given to Gaddayya is not yet known.

The hospital has not yet commented on the matter and no cases of negligence have been recorded with the authorities.

The Indian health system is under pressure after the number of coronavirus cases and deaths has increased exponentially in recent months.

The country reported 132,364 new coronavirus infections in the past 24 hours, while deaths rose by 2,713.

India has so far recorded 28,664,375 infections and 342,280 Covid-related deaths.


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