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Man jailed after hacking wife to death in street after she 'wound him up'

Man jailed after hacking wife to death in street after she 'wound him up'

Former soldier Craig Woodhall, who hacked his wife to death with a gurkha knife in the street, was told he was sentenced to at least 18.5 years in prison for his “relentless brutality”.

The attack on Victoria Woodhall outside her Barnsley home was witnessed by appalled neighbors and two children, Sheffield Crown Court heard on Friday.

The court heard that the defendant told neighbors who tried unsuccessfully to help Ms. Woodhall that “she deserved it” as she “settled” him all day.

The Recorder of Sheffield, Judge Jeremy Richardson QC, described how Woodhall attacked his wife with multiple blows from a khukuri machete, sometimes stepping back and coming back to inflict more terrible injuries before driving off.

YorkshireLive The Rotherham hospital worker was reportedly killed when she returned to the family home to try to see their two children who were staying at Woodhall, 41, during the English coronavirus lockdown.

In a victim impact statement, her father said to the killer, “You stole our beautiful and talented daughter, you tore the heart out of our family.

“Not only did you destroy our family, you also destroyed your own.”

To mitigate this, Woodhall’s attorney told the court that he was extremely remorseful for what he had done and had “done the right thing” in accepting his guilt.

After the hearing, Ms. Woodhall’s family said in a statement: “No verdict the judge could have passed today can bring Vicky back to her family or compensate for the terrible pain we are suffering.

“We would like to encourage anyone who suffers from domestic violence or thinks they are someone they know to tell someone about it.




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