Man left devastated after being forced leave holiday park after 25 years as 'caravan is too old'

A 56-year-old man is devastated after he was told he had to move his trailer home from a resort because he was “too old”.

Steven Richardson from Leeds has had trailers on the Beachcomber trailer park in Cleethorpes for 25 years.

But he says he has to go now because his home there is too old, like that Grimsby Live.

Steven, whose current trailer is nearly 15 years old, claims he was never informed of such a rule when he bought it.

He told Grimsby Live, “When we bought our current trailer, we were told we could keep it on the site as long as it was kept clean and tidy.

“However, in March I was informed that I would not have my caravan renewed and that my tenancy would expire in April next year.”

The angry owner decided to speak up to prevent others from facing the same problem.

According to Steven, once caravans hit the 15-year limit they can be sold elsewhere or for scrap, but the park paid him a “hero wage” for his caravan.

“They paid me an absolute starvation wage for it and on top of that they charge me an interruption fee to have the trailer removed,” he said.

“It’s not even 50 yards from the entrance and I have to pay £ 400 even though it’s you who want to remove it.

“If I wanted to leave I would understand the payment of the fee, but they’re the ones who are kicking me out, it’s just wrong.”

Steven says he is disgusted with the treatment.

“In my eyes, it’s just greed,” he explained.

“I also find it disgusting that I only got one phone call explaining that they would not renew my contract, no letter or no email.

“It makes you feel like you are just a pound sign to these people.

“I’ve been here for 25 years myself, own four different caravans and spend a small fortune on the resort.”

Away Resorts, which recently acquired Cleethorpes Beachcomber Holiday Park, said, “Mr. Richardson’s license agreement expires in early 2022 and he has decided to sell his home to a dealer. At the end of the term, caravan owners have the following: Options:

  • To partially replace the holiday home and get a new 15-year license agreement
  • Move the vacation home to another location outside of the park
  • Sell ​​the vacation home to a dealer
  • “When signing the license agreement at the beginning of the contract, the owners are informed that a shutdown fee will apply.

    “This fee consists of disconnecting elements of the trailer, such as plumbing, and moving the trailer from its pitch.”

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