Man lives to 111 by feasting on chicken brains and living a simple life

A former farmer and veterinarian who is 111 years old says the secret to longevity is to live simply and to have “lots of salt, sugar and fat”.

Dexter Kruger has become Australia’s oldest man at 111 years and 124 days after overtaking World War I veteran Jack Lockett, who died in 2002 at the age of 111 years and 123 days.

He spent most of his life on his 5,300 acre cattle estate in the Maranoa area of ​​Queensland until he retired in the mid-1990s.

He spoke and told about his life from his nursing home Australian Broadcasting Corp. : “It’s because I do things differently.

“I lived very close to nature and mainly ate what I grew in the garden, in the orchard or on the farm.”

Born on January 13, 1910, before calling or chilling, Mr. Kruger has experienced world wars, droughts, depression and pandemics.

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He’s now doing a rigorous morning exercise program, going outside, and working on his latest book – an autobiography of the century he spent on the planet that manages to keep up with current affairs.

“I do not think so [today’s world] is a beautiful place, not me. People are not happy. You owe too much … We have way too much money to spend on junk.

“Until we had all of this computational technology, life was a lot more relaxed. There are wonderful things you can do with a tiny chip, but we used to be a lot more relaxed.”

Mr. Kruger’s 74-year-old son Greg said his father’s simple lifestyle and “high-salt, sugar, and fat” diet had a lot to do with his age.

“He went through a time that was much less stressful than society today,” said Greg Kruger.

“He didn’t go around chasing the bright lights, he was happy to be around horses and cattle.

“His system wasn’t worn out trying to process the junk food – he was never overweight, always active.”

Mr Kruger added that he was never a big smoker or drinker, but rather enjoyed a weekly delicacy of chicken brains.

Dexter Kruger is 111

Man lives to 111 by feasting on chicken brains and living a simple life 1

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He said, “You know, chickens have heads and there are some brains in there and they are delicious little things. There is only one bite.”

Mr. Kruger’s only advice to others seeking longevity is to just “eat good food”.

“People eat too much … they eat themselves into their graves,” he said. “” Take a day and make the most of it. ”

He also has a goal of becoming Australia’s oldest person of all time.

The title has long been held by Christina Cock, who died in 2002 at the age of 114 years and 148 days.

“I would like to live until it is too difficult for me to live,” said Mr. Kruger. “I’m a third of the way to 112 and that’s a fair nudge.”

There are currently over 6,000 centenarians living in Australia, according to the country’s statistics bureau.


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