Man murdered mum, dad, grandma and sister to stop double life being exposed

Man murdered mum, dad, grandma and sister to stop double life being exposed

A man murdered four members of his family to prevent them from finding out that he was leading a double life.

The evil Menhaz Zaman brutally killed his mother Momotaz Begum (50), his father Moniruz Zaman (59), his sister Malesa Zaman (21) and his 70-year-old grandma Firoza Begum in July 2019.

The 24-year-old from Markham, Canada murdered them the day before when they believed he was going to graduate from York University with an engineering degree.

But in reality, he had dropped out of class on poor grades and spent his days at a local mall, gym, and playing video games at the family home. The star Reports.

After the murders, he texted online friends saying he had “been planning this for three years” and that as a “pathetic coward subhuman” his “trembling stopped”, a court heard.

His shocked friends alerted the police, who found the bodies of all four victims in the family home.

Last month, Zaman pleaded guilty to murdering his mother and murdering his grandma, sister and father.

He told police that he killed his mother around 3 p.m. on July 27 and his grandma an hour later.

Both had cut their throats.

Man murdered mum, dad, grandma and sister to stop double life being exposed 1

Zaman then “sat around playing video games and taking a nap” while waiting for his sister and father to return home from work.

Crown attorney Kevin Stewart told the virtual court on Monday that autopsies showed that both had been hit on the head, possibly with a crowbar, before Zaman severed his throats while they were on the floor.

He told the court, “These were terrible, monstrous, brutal murders. They took place in the family home.

“To have them killed and to blame their own flesh and blood for these murders is incomprehensible.”

Zaman, who is located in the Central East Correctional Center in Lindsay, zoomed in at the hearing.

After a masked security guard no longer muted the microphone, he said he would like to respond to Supreme Court Justice Michelle Fuerst’s invitation to speak in front of the court.

He said, “I’m not sure who this will accomplish, but I just want to apologize to everyone I have negatively influenced my actions, and especially to those who have known my family and friends and loved ones who I know I never see anything like that of myself. I am sorry.”

If the case had gone to court, it would have decided whether Zaman planned to kill his mother.

Every homicide count comes with an automatic life sentence. However, if a perpetrator is convicted of multiple murders, a judge must decide whether the parole periods are concurrent or sequential.

Zaman could expect a probation period of 100 years.

The Crown and Defense both recommend that he be sentenced to 40 years of life imprisonment without parole for the four murders – 15 years for his mother’s murder plus 25 years each for the other three murders, serving his sentence at the same time .

Zaman is sentenced on November 2nd.



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