Man stocks up on year's supply of beer at Aldi day before cheap booze ban

Denis Boyle, 47, from Co Cork, bought almost 300 cans of German pilsner and almost 100 bottles of French lager before the minimum price for alcohol – which means an end to the promotional prices and cheaper drinks

Denis Boyle has stocked up on alcohol and claims that he will be “not ripped off” when the minimum price for alcohol comes in

One day before the low-cost alcohol ban at Aldi came into force, a man stocked up on an annual supply of beer.

Denis Boyle bought nearly 300 cans of German pilsner and nearly 100 bottles of French lager and claimed he would be “not ripped off” if the minimum price for alcohol comes in.

It means an end to promotional prices and cheap drinks, with a bottle of wine having a “minimum price” of € 7.40 (£ 6.18) and a bottle of vodka € 20.71 (£ 17.29).

The photographer, 47, from Co Cork, said that Irish mirror: “You won’t get another euro from me. I am not getting ripped off.

“Only the less affluent are affected – the rich don’t notice.

Denis Boyle bought almost 300 cans of German Pils and almost 100 bottles of French lager

“I went to the local Aldi on Monday and spent around 350 euros, saving around 200 euros.

“Usually when I go off-license I buy a six-pack. This time I topped up my supplies. I like a beer, but I’m not a big drinker and I wouldn’t bother with spirits so this will do me all year round.

“In summer I throw them in the ice bucket and don’t have to worry about getting ripped off.

“When I go fishing in the river, I bring a few cans and I know I’m not going to be ripped off. When I go camping, I am not ripped off. “

Denis added that he was angry with the ministers who pushed for the move, saying it will only put more financial pressure on those already struggling with rising cost of living.

He also said he would go to Northern Ireland to stock up as well.

He added, “How dare you pretend you know how common people feel?

“If you have the minimum wage and buy a beer for two weeks, it now costs 45 instead of 25 euros. How does that help

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“I will go north once or twice a year and stock up on things.

“I go to the Windmill Bar in Newry, Co. Down, have a fluff and a couple of beers, come back in my car full of beers the next day after saving hundreds.

“They didn’t get any water fees from me and they won’t get this.”

He added that the minimum unit price for low wage earners was “another blow in the teeth”.

He said, “Rents, energy bills, insurance have doubled, and now drinking has doubled. In rural Ireland, people don’t make a lot of money.

“I went to the PUP and found it difficult. It’s crazy to do this now as people are trying to make a living from the PUP and the pubs close at 8pm. “

Health Minister Feighan said: “We are taking steps to ensure that cheap, strong alcohol at pocket money prices is not available to young people.”


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