Man stops rampaging motorist in square with amazing flying kick through window

A man stopped a rampaging motorist in a busy town square by putting a powerful flying dropkick through the car window.

Terror broke out on Skënderbej Square in Albania’s capital Tirana yesterday when a car crashed into three other vehicles before crashing through protective barriers.

The footage of the scene shows a white vehicle with a badly dented body that has stopped in the square.

It suddenly starts reversing, causing a man hanging on the passenger door to hold on to the vehicle to stop it.

The car is reversing at high speed, snaking dangerously close to pedestrians.

Members of the public rush to the car, desperately trying to stop it by holding onto the window and door frames.

However, they are unable to hold onto the powerful engine that manages to break away from the pack.

Suddenly a man comes into action at full speed and first throws himself into the feet of the car.

The WWE-esque physical performance seems to keep the rider on their tracks.

The heroic kicker, identified as Klodian Elqeni, half slaps his feet in the car until other people can join him to secure the vehicle.

The man threw himself through the window

Other members of the public then flocked to the vehicle

According to A2 news The driver tried to drive to a vaccination center.

Mr Elqeni told ABC News Albania: “I have been pushed by the lives of innocent people, no one deserves to die in Skanderbeg Square for no reason.

“I fell with both feet on his face and he lay down, then they caught him.”

Police identified the perpetrator as a 32-year-old with the initials AM, who is believed to have been under the influence.

Police said cannabis was found in his person during his search.

“Initially it collided with three vehicles in different places, causing material damage and then breaching the protective barriers and entering the ‘Skënderbej’ square, which seriously endangered the citizens,” said a police spokesman.


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