Man who's had '11 Covid jabs' claims vaccine is helping his aches and pains

Brahmdeo Mandal, 65, claims he was given multiple doses of the Covid jab to ease his pain in Bihar state – with an investigation into how he received it

Brahmdeo Mandal, 65, has claimed to have received 11 doses of the vaccine in Bihar state

An Indian man has reportedly received eleven Covid-19 vaccines, a health official said.

Brahmdeo Mandal, 65, claims he received multiple doses of the jab in Bihar state – with an investigation into how he received them.

He said the injections would help him stay healthy and get rid of his pain without any side effects.

The retired postman was finally prevented last week from taking his supposedly 12th push in a camp.

An investigation is ongoing to find out how Mr. Mandal, who lives with his family in Madhepura District, managed to get several stitches.

Amarendra Pratap Shahi, Madhepura civil surgeon, said that BBC : ‘We have already found evidence that he took eight stitches from four places.

People queue outside a health center on the outskirts of Simultala to get a dose of COVISHIELD. to obtain


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India primarily manages two locally made vaccines, Covishield and Covaxin, with more than 90,000 centers offering vaccination across the country.

Camps that offer walk-in jabs without registering online will require proof of identity to sign up for a jab.

According to reports, Mr. Mandal managed to get two stitches in a half-hour break on the same day.

A woman is given a dose of COVISHIELD, a vaccine against coronavirus disease (COVID-19), at a suburban health center in Simultala, Bihar.


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Mr. Shahi added, “We are at a loss as to how this could have happened. There seems to be a portal bug.

“We are also trying to find out whether there has been a failure by the staff at the vaccination centers.”

Public health expert Chandrakant Lahariya told the BBC that this “could only happen” if vaccination dates were uploaded to the portal from the websites with a long delay.

About 65% of the adult population of India are fully vaccinated and about 91% have received at least one dose.

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