Manchin holds out until last minute on elections vote

Manchin has proposed a draft compromise focusing on extending early voting and ending partisan gerrymandering; it would cut some of the other elements of the bill, such as publicly funded elections. He told reporters on Monday that he was still working on his compromise with the Democrats and that “there would have to be an agreement to get the replacement.”

“I hope they make some changes, agree to some changes,” said Manchin. “We made a lot of changes that we hope the country will approve of.”

Manchin visited President Joe Biden at the White House Monday afternoon to discuss voting rights, a White House official said. Biden told Manchin that he appreciated his efforts on the matter and “made it clear how important he believes it is for the Senate to find a way forward on this issue.”

Senate majority Chuck Schumer and other Democrats have suggested that advancing the bill is the only way to incorporate Manchin’s amendments. Majority Senator Dick Durbin praised Manchin’s work on Monday but also said he wasn’t sure where Manchin was going down.

Laura Barrón-López contributed to this report.

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