Manchin wants to make filibuster 'painful' to use

“If you want to make it a little more painful, just let him stand there and talk,” said Manchin. “I’m ready to see what we can, but I’m not ready to take away the minority’s participation.”

However, Manchin did not rule out the use of the budget vote process to pass a simple majority voting law, which left the door open to a possible workaround for Democrats to get a vote revision while maintaining the filibuster. On Wednesday the House just passed a comprehensive package of reforms related to elections, a proposal which they have given the symbolically important name of H.R. 1.

It is not clear how Manchin envisioned that HR 1 could potentially be passed down through reconciliation as it is not budget related, and the minimum wage increase proposed by the Democrats was triggered by the strict rules of the process and on the cutting room floor left.

But Manchin said Democrats need to engage with Republicans in a meaningful way before going down the path they used late last week to pass a $ 1.9 trillion Covid aid package without a single GOP Senate vote .

“I’m not ready to reconcile until we’re at least bipartisan or work together or allow the Senate to do its job,” Manchin said on NBC’s Meet the Press.

“I won’t go there until my Republican friends have a chance to have their say.”

Some insisted that he “won’t change my mind” when it comes to defending the filibuster, effectively forcing key laws to cross a 60-vote threshold to pass the Senate, and by one A number of Democratic Congressmen and external allies has been heavily criticized as a major obstacle to progressive politics. The Senate is now split evenly (50:50), and Vice President Kamala Harris can cast the decisive vote.

Senator Alex Padilla (D-Calif.) Said he believed that if Republicans continued to use it to hamper Democratic priorities, enthusiasm for defending the filibuster could wane. Meanwhile, he said the party must use reconciliation and other means to get its agenda off the ground.

“If we continue to see obstacles from our Republican counterparts – as we looked through this Covid aid package – patience will wane even among moderate Democrats,” Padilla said on CNN on Sunday. “But we will see.”

The implementation of the so-called “talking filibuster” appeared to meet Brian Fallon, executive director of the Demand Justice group and former spokesman for today’s Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer, who tweeted that it had the potential to be the “ultimate” solution here. “

“It preserves the ability for the minority to slow down a bill as long as they physically keep the floor, but then allows a vote up or down as soon as they give up. This is the Jimmy Stewart model, ”he wrote, referring to the movie“ Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. “

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