Manhunt for husband suspected of killing wife and gluing her head back together

Police chase down a man accused of murdering his wife and taping her skull back together when the prime suspect goes on the run.

Police in Ecuador are suspecting the death of Lisbeth Baquerizo, 30, after her husband claimed she died falling down stairs.

An autopsy showed that Lisbeth’s skull was glued back together.

Her husband, named Luis Hermida, has since fled the country after an arrest warrant was issued against him.

Lisbeth’s body was discovered on December 21st through the stairs in her home in Ecuador.

Her father, Mario Baquerizo, was contacted by Lisbeth’s husband’s father, who reportedly said, “You have to come quickly. Lisbeth is dead. “

Lisbeth’s parents Baquerizo and Kathy Munoz went to the scene where they found a coffin and a funeral home had already been contacted.

The victim’s father-in-law reportedly told her parents not to contact the authorities in order for the funeral to be organized more quickly and insisted that they arrange the service for the next day.

The couple had been together for 11 years and only been married 12 months.

In the wake, Lisbeth’s mother claims she noticed an injury over Hermida’s eye that he received during an attempted robbery.

Lisbeth Baquerizo and her husband Luis Hermida at their wedding

One of Lisbeth’s friends approached the parents to claim that Lisbeth had been physically abused by Hermida and did not want to bring her family to hell.

Ms. Munoz told the local newspaper El Comercio that she had left in the wake and reported the incident to the authorities.

The autopsy revealed that Lisbeth had died of bruises and stab wounds on the top of her head, and that the wounds were covered with superglue.

Lisbeth Baquerizo

Authorities described the case as a violent death and treat Hermida as the prime suspect.

He has been on the run since an arrest warrant was issued on December 29th.

Prosecutor Luis Machado said the autopsy report also showed that Lisbeth suffered a “massacre of beatings” before she died.

The investigation continues.


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