Man's nose melts off leaving massive hole in his face after pimple turned cancerous

Kazim Oztas, 59, has undergone several operations at a hospital in Kocaeli, Turkey, to reconstruct his nose after it melted off – but none have worked

Kazim Oztas, 59, underwent 15 radiotherapy sessions and 31 operations on his face after being diagnosed with skin cancer

A man has been left with a massive hole in his face after grueling radiotherapy sessions on a cancerous pimple melted away his nose.

Kazim Oztas, 59, was first diagnosed with skin cancer at a hospital in Sakarya, north-west Turkey.

He was then referred to specialists at the Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine in Kocaeli, where he was treated with radiation therapy.

After 15 sessions, the cartilage on his nose wasted away, leaving a hole in the center of his face.

Doctors then performed 31 operations to replace the nose, but none worked.

Kazim’s family plan to get a mask made which will allow him to eat and drink and improve his quality of life.

After 15 sessions his nose cartilage wasted away


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His son, Erdem Oztas, said: “In 2009, my father was diagnosed with skin cancer.

“The acne on his nose was not removed by surgery, he was sent for radiotherapy.

“He underwent 15 sessions of radiation therapy and his nose cartilage melted and fell off.

“And these processes were troublesome. Each time it got worse.

“They swelled his head to fix it, they wanted to make a piece for his nose, it didn’t work, they took a piece from his arm and foot.

Kazim’s son is now seeking people with expertise to help make a mask for him


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“It couldn’t be done. He is still ill and he has another surgery on the 15th of the month.

“We are looking for people who have knowledge, help and support in this regard. How can a mask be made?”

Cuneyt Uzun, who founded a charity and started a campaign to raise funds for the patient, said: “As a result of our uncle Kazim’s acne on his nose, he was diagnosed with skin cancer, and he underwent 31 surgeries in 13 years.

“We, as an association, will try to meet this as much as we can, but we want a permanent solution when the surgery is done.

“If a mask could be made, our uncle would be more comfortable because he has difficulty with eating and drinking.”

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