Marjorie Taylor Greene claims Trump's backing amid intra-GOP debate over her fitness to serve

A Trump spokesman declined to comment on or clarify the former president’s appeal to the Georgia Republican. Greene’s office spokesman Nick Dyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Greene’s claim of Trump’s approval comes from the pressure on the Republican Party to punish the new lawmaker for her acceptance of conspiracy theories and her history of extremist and racist rhetoric. It catches the GOP in a difficult moment, the course of which is uncertain, as party leaders reckon with Trump’s legacy and their newly discovered lack of power in Washington.

Trump previously called Greene, 46, a “future Republican star”. Many other Republicans have condemned Greene’s comments, but GOP House leaders accepted her into their ranks when she entered Congress and so far have refused to discipline her.

Greene has become an instant lightning rod in her first few weeks in office. She enthusiastically endorsed Trump’s false claims of a stolen election and sponsored the Stop the Steal rallies that preceded the January 6th storm on the Capitol.

The House Democrats have called for Greene to be booted from Congress. On Thursday spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi The Republican leadership of the House was broken for serving on the House Education Committee, citing her comments on the Sandy Hook massacre. “What could you think?” Said Pelosi. “Or are you thinking too generously of a word for what you might do?”

Greene has taken up QAnon and far-right conspiracy theories, including the notion that Jewish-controlled space lasers were responsible for the recent forest fires. POLITICO excavated a plethora of racist videos she did last summer. Twitter blocked her from tweeting for 12 hours Earlier this month, after unsubstantiated claims that Georgia’s November 3 elections were “stolen” in a tweet restricted by Twitter “because of the risk of violence.”

Utah’s Mitt Romney, the only Republican senator to vote to condemn Trump last year, joined the couple on Twitter on Saturday.

“Lies of a pen pile up: Marjorie Taylor Greene’s nonsense and the ‘big lie’ of a stolen election,” wrote Romney.

Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), Minority chairman of the House of Representatives, said so will speak to Greene next week, but it is unclear whether it will have any impact. There is a precedent: McCarthy kicked ex-rep. Steve King of the committees after the two met and King did not show enough remorse to defend white nationalism.

So far, Greene has shown no signs of kinking and has used the controversy to send fundraising appeals to her supporters.

“I will never back down. I will never give up. Because I am one of you. And I’ll always represent you, “Greene wrote in a statement Friday afternoon.

Trump and McCarthy met on Thursday in Mar-a-Lago, Floridaand posted a photo of the two posing at the resort. Trump and McCarthy discussed strategy to help Republicans reclaim the house in 2022, according to the appeal made by Trump’s Save America leadership PAC.

Their relationship appeared to be changing after McCarthy said Trump was partially responsible for the January 6 riot at the Capitol. But McCarthy later went back and said he didn’t incite the rioters.

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