Married At First Sight Season 9: Let Us Know More

I know the title should surprise you that what it actually is? And you have to wonder and form stories about the show or the series. Don’t pressure yourself about this, let me help you find a solution. Let’s walk between the lines and learn more about this.

About the show: Married at first sight

As the name implies, marriage means a relationship. So Married at First Sight is an American reality television show that first aired on July 8, 2014 on FYI. But later the show aired on Lifetime.

Do you know that this American show is based on one of the Danish series known as Gift Ved Forste Look? And on September 4, 2013, this Danish series was broadcast for the first time. Married at First Sight has aired its twelfth season. It aired on January 13, 2021.

The first season of Married at First Sight aired on July 8, 2014. And it took place in New York and Northern New Jersey. In the first season we saw 3 couples. The first couple was Jamie Otis-Hehner and Doug Hehner who were married and now they are a family of four.

The second couple was Cortney Hendrix and Jason Carrion, who separated after five years of marriage. The third couple was Monet Bell and Vaughn Copeland who also divorced.

The second season of Married at First Sight aired on March 17, 2015. And the second season also saw three couples. And all three couples are divorced. The couples were Jaclyn Methuen and Ryan Ranellone, Davina Kullar (now Davis) and Sean Varricchio, and Jessica Castro and Ryan DeNino.

The third season of the popular show aired on December 1, 2015. And it took place in Atlanta, Georgia. The couples were Vanessa Nelson and Tres Russell, Ashley Doherty and David Norton, and Samantha Role and Neil Bowlus. All three couples are divorced.

The fourth season of Married at First Sight was set in South Florida and premiered on July 26, 2016. The current status of all couples is that they are all divorced. The show’s fifth season was launched in Chicago. And then it aired on April 20, 2017. The fifth season was shifted to Lifetime Channel.

Seasons 6 and 7 premiered in Boston and Dallas, respectively. And the first episode of the sixth season aired on January 2, 2018. The couples in the sixth season were three and among them, a couple Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre are married and have a child. While the other couples are separated.

In the seventh season, one of the couples Danielle Bergman-Dodd and Bobby Dodd is married and has one child, while the other two couples broke up. The show premiered in 2018 on July 10. The eighth season of Married at First Sight has launched in Philadelphia and premiered on January 1, 2019.

There were four couples in season 8, of the two being married and two being divorced.

Married At First Sight Season 9: Let’s Talk

The ninth season of the show Married At First Sight was launched in North Carolina. And it premiered on June 12, 2019. The show’s relationship expert was Dr. Viviana Coles. There were four couples in the ninth season.

Married At First Sight Season 9: Let Us Know More

It was Iris Caldwell and Keith Manley, who later divorced. The second couple was Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson, who got married. The third couple was Deonna McNeill and Greg Okotie, who are married and having a baby. A fourth couple on the show is Amber Bowles and Matthew Gwynne, who later divorced.

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