Married At First Sight viewers shocked by Morag's bombshell

Fans of the E4 reality dating show Married At First Sight were stunned by the events that played out in the aftermath of the show on Friday night.

Tensions between Morag and Luke came to a head in the final, with viewers expecting a split.

For both the fans and Luke, however, a surprise was in store when Morag admitted that she wanted to sign him again.

In the emotional clip, Morag said to Luke, “I’m worried that if I signed up for you again, we’d only find ourselves heartbroken for months.”

But then she dropped a bomb by saying, “This is not what I want”.

It was a smile for the couple when Morag happily announced: “I want you in my life, I want you in my past, present and future”.

“The only thing we don’t do is give up”.

The couple sealed their love with a kiss, but not everyone was happy for the couple.

One Twitter user said: “Luke is such a criminal, he can do it so much better than Morag …”.

Another said: “Morag never liked Luke, she took care of him a little but she never liked him, she was just hoping throughout the process that he would stop wanting her so she wouldn’t look like the bad guys looks “.

Another made his feelings clear: “I DON’T TRUST MORAG”.

Other Twitter users seemed more supportive of his relationship with his dog.

One said, “Can we all agree that the star of this episode was Luke’s adorable dog?”

#MAFSUK the dog in Luke’s arms forgets Morag, “said another.

And another gave advice: “Lukas, find someone who looks at you like your dog looks at you #mafsuk “.

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