Married at First Sight viewers slam Yorkshire groom Franky as 'controlling' after 'creepy' speech

At first sight married viewers have beaten up a groom after his “awkward” wedding speech to the bride of Beverley.

Viewers said Yorkshireman Franky highlighted several “red flags” on Thursday night’s episode of the popular reality TV show.

Last night fans saw Franky, originally from Pontefract, and East Yorkshire mother of two Marilyse tie the knot.

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And while the two seemed to understand each other when they first met at the altar, things quickly took a turn when the grooms toasted “clumsily” at the reception. Yorkshire Live Reports.

Viewers branded the 47-year-old, who has lived in Dubai for the past 16 years, as “creepy” and “controlling” and said his speech was filled with “terrible jokes” at the expense of his 37-year-old wife.

The strength and conditioning coach started his speech with a mockery of his bride and did not go down well with viewers, who criticized his attempts to be humorous as demeaning.

Franky's new bride didn't seem to find his jokes amusing

Franky said: “Ladies and gentlemen, I will really enjoy this speech because it is very likely that I will be able to speak again for a full ten minutes without my wife interrupting me.

“The perfect marriage is about growing within the relationship and overcoming the obstacles together. Do you understand that, yes?

“Thanks in advance for getting up every morning on our honeymoon and making me breakfast. I like my eggs runny.”

Beverley mother Marilyse Corrigan previewed her wedding day ahead of the episode on Thursday night

However, the jokes seemed to drown like a lead balloon on his wife and the wedding guests, and viewers were quick to take up social media to refer to them as “twitching.”

One social media user said, “This is the worst speech ever.”

A second tweeted: “Franky gives me goose bumps. I see him as controlling, the ‘I’m in charge’.”

A third added, “Did he just stroke his mother like a dog and call her a good girl? His speech goes down like a lead balloon.”

Before getting married, Marilyse said, “I would like to go through the experiment and still be with the man. It comes after viewers of Married at First Sight report some important “red flags” about the Yorkshire bride’s new husband.

“That’s what I want and expect to happen. I would be a little disappointed if it didn’t happen, but we’ll have to wait and see. “

However, some viewers were a little unsettled by the former military man.

On Twitter, a viewer asked: “Is anyone getting multiple red flags from Franky?”

While another said; “Something about Franky that exudes a strange atmosphere.”

We’ll have to see if true love is waiting for the couple.

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