Marshall's New Itty Bitty Smart Speaker Packs Big Sound

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Marshall’s latest smart speaker is unusual little boy. How small? The new Uxbridge Voice, which is integrated with Amazon Alexa measures only 5 by 6.6 by 4.8 inches.

For reference, the Uxbridge Voice is only a little bit larger than an iPhone XS Max, which is 6.2 inches long. That is not as small as the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2but have been seen size and the fact that it weighs just over 3 pounds, the Uxbridge Voice still counts as a fairly portable speaker.

TThe speaker has a max.sound pressure level (SPL) of 96 dB, an input voltage of 100-240 volts and a frequency range of 54-20,000 Hz. That’s quite loud for a small speaker. Marshall also claims that’s his new speaker features an “advanced setup with high-end components” that result in “screaming highs”, “hard-hitting lows,“And” brilliantly balanced sound. “That’s blatant marketing language, but overall Marshall is known for its sound quality, especially for rock music. At the very least it seems like you can walk around with the bass and treble of the device itself instead of need an equalizer app, which is often the case with connected speakers.

The Uxbridge Voice also supports Airplay 2, so you can pair it with other Airplay 2 speakers and several other Amazon Echo speakers for a multi-room setup. In addition, it is compatible with Spotify Connect. The speaker also has a far-field microphone array, so Alexa can recognize your voice when you increase the volume.

You know, I appreciate having an equalizer on the smart speaker itself.

You know, I appreciate having an equalizer on the smart speaker itself.
Statue: Marshall

The Uxbridge Voice is an interesting option for a smart speaker. Amazon speakers are …good, let’s say that even the best don’t have the best sound quality. (Have you heard how bad an Echo Dot sounds?) They are also quite blah in terms of style. That may not be a problem for some, but it is certainly an issue for audiophiles or those who don’t want their smart speakers to be that clear. Meanwhile, portable options like the UE Wonderboom are fun, but they miss the voice assistant option and come up with one more sporty aesthetic. Marshall’s other smart speakers are quite fun to watch – and more importantly, they sound great—But their size can be a problem if you want the option of moving from room to room with ease. So in that sense, the Uxbridge voice fills a very specific niche.

But at $ 200, the Uxbridge Voice isn’t the cheapest speaker around. There are plenty of Bluetooth speakers of that size for at least half the price. That said, it’s a chic one little boy who looks more stylish then, say the $ 350 HomePod. Good need to test it yourself to get a handle on sound quality, but it will be available from the Marshall site from April 8. And if Alexa isn’t your problem, Marshall says a Google Assistant version will be available June 11.


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