Martin Lewis issues warning to millions of households in the UK

Martin Lewis has issued a warning to every household in the UK.

The Money Saving Expert Guru said that people could lose money if they don’t act quickly as they could overpay for their energy.

He said, “We told you two weeks ago that wholesale prices – these energy companies are paying – were at a three-year high. After that, they dipped a smidgeon, but got up again. “

Manchester evening news reports that the financial expert encouraged all energy billers to look for better deals as soon as possible in the summer before the winter heating bills hit heavy.

One way to do this is by using ‘s new energy auto-compare-and-switch tool.

MSE said the tool launched last year will ensure that suppliers can no longer rely on people who forgot to switch once cheap deals end.

The user enters details of their energy costs and selects energy preferences.

The Pick Me A Tariff tool then uses an algorithm and selects a person’s top offer based on what the bill payer has identified as the most important to them.


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