Martin Lewis reveals bizarre way to beat airport baggage fees

Martin Lewis came up with a bizarre way to save money on airport baggage fees while on vacation.

The Money Saving Expert spoke on his ITV show Extreme Savers and gave the tip from Lee Cimino from Stoke-on-Trent.

The jet-setter announced that he has saved a lot over the years – by wearing all of his luggage in a specially adapted coat.

Martin announced that he had bought one himself – and it could hold up to 20 kg of luggage.

Lee said he had the idea of ​​sewing pockets into an old coat to store when he flew to Ireland.

While the tickets for the flights were £ 14, it cost him between £ 6 and £ 8 each way for baggage fees.

A local seamstress found the idea so fun that she made the coat for free and saved him even more money.

Talking about his stroll through the airport, Lee said, “My first reaction was that we’re not going to get away from it.

“I literally got everything I needed, a change of underwear, clothes … toothpaste.

“From checking in to security to getting on the plane, there was no response and I was quite surprised.

“It was easy.”

He admitted that he had used the coat on several other trips since then.

Lee added, “The savings just multiply.”


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