Martin Lewis reveals Netflix hacks to beat its price hike

Martin Lewis revealed Netflix hacks that will allow you to avoid the price hike and even watch some shows for free.

We all pay a little more than we really need sometimes, and Netflix is ​​probably no different.

The TV service is increasing its prices and could now cost you up to £ 13.99 a month.

However, the money-saving expert has pointed out ways you can survive the hike – and how you can watch programs for free.

You can watch some TV programs and movies for free on Netflix without even having to create an account. Go to and you can stream some Netflix originals.

Do you share the account with others to save some of the money on the price increase?

If you only need one screen, don’t pay extra – you might just need the basic package for € 5.99 per month.

However, if you have more than one screen on the account and others are using it, do Netflix pricing.

Divide the price between those who use it to make them pay for their own screen – you could save about $ 59 a year.

Martin Lewis went over some of these on his Money Show tonight – all of which we were able to use.

You can see all of the hacks on here his website.


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