Martin Lewis shares tricks to save on council tax before April 1

Martin Lewis has urged people to see if they are paying too much for their council tax before a surge across the country on April 1.

advice The tax burden in Hull is expected to rise by 4.9 percent from April. This means that most households pay between £ 58.58 and £ 175.74 per year in addition for council, police and fire services.

Those in the lowest Band A homes pay £ 1,219.13 while households in high quality Band H homes can expect a bill of £ 3,657.38.

But the finance guru told viewers on the Martin Lewis Money Show Live that there were other ways to save money on their bills. Birmingham Live reports.

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He urged people to see if they were eligible for a discount based on their place of residence.

On Thursday’s ITV show, he said, “Council tax – over 50% of councils in England are making the biggest increase possible, and the rest of the UK is rising in many places too.

“That’s £ 90 a year for the typical Band D property on April 1st

“Do the Check and Challenge (a service on the government website to see if you’re paying too much council tax) and check out the discounts too.

You can use the following widget to check how much you want your council tax to be:

“If you are an individual or live with 18 or under or are a full-time student, you are entitled to a 25% discount.

“If you know someone with severe intellectual impairment or someone on a low income, you may also be eligible for a discount.”

You can check online at to see if you are paying too much council tax Here.


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