Martin Lewis tells home workers to claim free tax relief

Consumer finance guru Martin Lewis is calling everyone who worked from home during the pandemic to make sure they are claiming the free money they are entitled to.

On ITV’s Martin Lewis Show, he urged all of his viewers to see if they had used the home tax break for their work.

The tax break gives anyone who has worked from home a tax break of £ 6 per week.

While it doesn’t sound like much, the tax break can be claimed for the entire 2020/21 tax year, which makes it worthwhile for everyone.

And to make it better, the tax break can be claimed for the whole year, even if you only worked from home for one day that year.

Martin said, “If you had additional costs, such as heating or electricity, you are entitled to either £ 6 a week from your employer … or £ 6 a week tax break. So £ 6 of your salary is not taxed.

“So if you are a 20% taxpayer you will save about £ 1.20 on that £ 6. If you want to charge more you will need proof of direct invoices.

“Now for this tax year, even if you only worked from home one day and had to work from home, you can get tax relief for the whole year through the microservice, which makes it available to you automatically .

“It’s 100% legitimate.”

By taking advantage of the tax break, property taxpayers can claim back £ 62 for the whole year. Higher taxpayers can claim back double that number and receive an additional £ 124 for the year.

It is currently not certain how the system will work in the next tax year. So Martin urged everyone to submit their claim on the government website before April 5 to ensure they get whatever is owed them.


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