Matt Hancock confirms date for the next lockdown lifting announcement

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has announced that the British will have to wait a little over four weeks to figure out whether the final phase of the lockdown can continue.

The government has confirmed whether the next stages of lockdown will take place before the date things change during the lifting process.

And this time it won’t be any different.

Matt Hancock has said the public will be alerted if things can go ahead as planned on June 14th.

Sky’s Sophy Ridge asked the Minister of Health this morning “how likely” it is that the lockdown roadmap will be delayed.

Even Boris Johnson has admitted his concern about the spread of the Indian variant of Covid-19.

“It’s the question everyone is asking, and the answer is it’s too early to tell,” Hancock said.

“We will monitor the data – there will be new data every day – and then announce a decision on June 14th.

“We will be as transparent as possible.”

It’s going to be a big moment for the British as this is the final stage in the government’s roadmap and would mark the end of social distancing and masking.

The government also hopes to reopen nightclubs and large events and performances.

They say this will “guide” the decision on whether all boundaries can be lifted at weddings and other life events such as funerals.

Boris Johnson is reportedly “very concerned” about the Indian tribe Covid-19, which threatens to derail its lockdown roadmap.

However, the next phase of unlocking will take place tomorrow (Monday 17th May). With the recent lifting of the measures, people are allowed to hug, the ban on holidays overseas for countries on the “green list” and overnight stays are allowed.

Cinemas and theaters will also reopen.

In education, face masks are no longer needed in the secondary school classroom, and students are returned to face-to-face lessons.

The 30 rule for funerals will also be dropped on May 17th.

Instead, venues are asked to rate how many people can be reconciled with the remaining social distancing.


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