Matt Hancock describes coronavirus situation in India is 'harrowing'

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the coronavirus situation in India was “staggering”.

Speaking at a press conference on Downing Street, the Cabinet Secretary said: “We have all seen the harrowing images of what is happening in India.

“I think it hurts every one of us to see these scenes, not least because the bonds between our countries are so strong – they are bonds of family and friendship.

“I was in constant contact with my Indian counterpart and we worked all weekend to put together our first ventilator and oxygen concentrator support package.

“More deliveries will arrive later this week.

“I also worked with Northern Irish Health Minister Robin Swann to donate large scale oxygen production facilities in Northern Ireland that can produce over 1,000 liters of oxygen per minute. This is one of the main needs of the Indian people. ”

It did after the government announced it secured 60 million Pfizer / BioNTech coronavirus puffs for a booster program in the fall.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said, “Our immunization program is bringing our freedom back, but the greatest risk to this advancement is the risk of a new variant.

“We are working on our booster vaccination plans, which are the best way to keep us safe and free while we control this disease around the world.”

“These additional 60 million cans, along with others, will be used as part of our refreshment program starting later this year so we can protect the advances we have all made.”


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