Matt Hancock issues warning over foreign holidays this year

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the government was “on track” for easing restrictions on July 19, but warned that opening up foreign travel was “harder”.

“Fortunately, we were able to lift a lot of restrictions because of the vaccination program here at home,” he told Sky News.

“We are well on the way to delivering Step 4, the other openings, on July 19th, which is good.

“We are also examining how we can replace the protective measures currently in place with the protective restrictions imposed by the vaccine, including in relation to international travel.

“But it is more difficult to approve international travel.”

Mr Hancock said ministers were “working” on plans for quarantine-free travel for double-vaccinated Britons.

“This has not yet been clinically recommended – we are working on it,” the health secretary told Sky News.

“We are working on plans to essentially allow the vaccine to restore some of the freedoms that had to be restricted to keep people safe.

“After all, that’s the whole point of the vaccination program, which is why it’s so important that every adult go out and get the vaccination.”

When asked whether these plans could be implemented as early as August, the Minister of Health replied: “We will get there when it is safe.”

Mr Hancock said the main NHS app, which is different from the Covid-19 app, is “important” as countries are likely to require proof of vaccination status from Brits traveling abroad.

“We can now all see our vaccine status and your testing status on the NHS app,” he told Sky News.

“Six million people have now downloaded the main NHS app and you can use it to show if you had the jabs.

“It is important because we know other countries will say that they will ask for proof that you have been vaccinated before you leave.

“When travel opens we will make sure people have this ability to prove it.”


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