Matt Hancock 'more optimistic than ever' for summer holidays

Matt Hancock said he was more optimistic than ever about a “great British summer”.

The health minister said he was confident that coronavirus restrictions would be lifted to allow vacation travel this summer as coronavirus vaccines roll out.

Mr Hancock has already booked a summer holiday in Cornwall.

The government’s roadmap to easing lockdown rules in England includes standalone accommodations such as vacation homes that may reopen from April 12th, while hotel stays and international travel may be permitted from May 17th.

On a visit to a laboratory in Glasgow, Hancock said, “I very much hope that we can all travel around the UK as we can lift the restrictions.

“I am confident that because of the vaccine we will be able to make these advances and then all of us will be able to travel freely wherever we are in these islands.”

“One of the factors that we need to be vigilant about in this roadmap is the emergence of new variants if the current vaccines are not as effective.

“I have already said that I am optimistic about a great UK summer and now I am more optimistic about a great UK summer than ever thanks to the speed and effectiveness of the vaccine introduction.

“By a great British summer, I absolutely mean people can travel all over the UK.”

Travel restrictions in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are set by the local administrations.


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