Matt Hancock says people have to use common sense as lockdown lifts

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the government would urge people to take “personal responsibility” as lockdown restrictions in England are eased next week.

Mr Hancock said ministers would publish clear guidelines for close face-to-face contact.

“It depends on the circumstances of the people. We will change the rules so that it is much more about people taking personal responsibility and exercising common sense according to their circumstances,” he told Sky News.

“We will be very clear about the risks. People understand the risks – we know that – and we will make that very, very clear, and then people can take their own personal responsibility. “

He added, “Grandparents can sometimes be around their grandchildren for the first time in over a year, but take into account the individual risk of developing the disease, which varies according to the circumstances.”

On Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that lockdown rules in England would be eased significantly on May 17th.

Pubs, restaurants and cinemas are opened inside, people are allowed to vacation at home and abroad and stay in each other’s houses, hugs are allowed and masks are scrapped in schools.

Mr Hancock added: “If two people have not been vaccinated, the risk of passing the disease on is of course much higher than if they were vaccinated.

“Up until now we had blanket rules across the board, but now we say the prevalence of this disease is so much lower than it was. We believe that trusting people’s personal responsibility is the right way to go.”

“Because those who are most at risk of the disease are most at risk of hospitalization or die, the vast majority of them are vaccinated.”


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