McCarthy's phone records among those eyed for preservation by Jan. 6 investigators

The select panel investigating the Capitol’s Jan. 6 insurrection has requested that the phone records of minority leader Kevin McCarthy be kept while it extends its investigation, a committee source confirmed Thursday.

McCarthy’s name was included in a broad-based request the selected panel sent to social media platforms and telecommunications companies on Monday asking them to keep records that may be relevant to investigating the attack. While the request does not mean that the committee will necessarily take the next step to search for McCarthy’s records, the panel’s move means that the minority leader is now at risk of his personal information being subpoenaed.

The chairman of the panel, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), Had indicated in advance of the inquiry on Monday that other lawmakers could see their communication records as part of the investigation. Republicans were outraged by the potential request of their phone recordings – McCarthy had threatened retaliation against companies that complied with the panel’s request in a statement Tuesday, saying compliance would violate the law, despite not citing any specific law.

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