McDonald's worker films himself serving half-eaten burgers and 'ruining' food

A McDonald’s worker was rated a “worst employee” after filming himself serving half-eaten burgers and deliberately “ruining” the meal with loads of extra sauce and pickles.

The TikTok user, known only as @ mikky.d0, has had more than 3 million views since February by filming himself and his colleagues at work in one of the grocery giant’s stores in an undisclosed location.

In a video that has been viewed more than 1.8 million times, the worker shows a bacon McDouble with a piece of the lower beef patty missing, with the caption, “We’re a little hungry.”

The worker, believed to be male, showed off the meat with a significant piece missing before covering it with a slice of cheese and the remaining ingredients, wrapping it up, and pushing it to the serving counter.

Angry onlookers interpreted this to imply the burger had been half eaten and quickly blew up the report that said “You need to be locked up if this is real” and “not WHAT in a pandemic.”

Other clips show employees stacking huge handfuls of dozen of cucumbers on a burger asking for extra pickles and drowning other foods in “extra” sauce.

The filmmaker, who is believed to live in the United States, also claimed the ice cream machine broke just because they didn’t like making it and showed the working machine.

A video left viewers horrified as the worker walked into a McDonald’s refrigerator, where he showed flat sheets of folded eggs in plastic wrap waiting to be warmed up.

McDonald’s confirmed that the incident was being investigated because the food preparation in the video did not meet “robust food quality and safety standards”.

Another burger box had been piled high on one side with pickles

While some were quick to claim the burger with a missing bite was a joke, hoping those involved wouldn’t actually give it to anyone[sic]’, others slammed it as’ not even funny’ and asked why the staff hadn’t been ‘fired’.

One person wrote, “The people who got really brave and forgot the girl who licked ice cream in Tesco were sentenced to 4 years in prison.”

One person wrote, “In a pandemic, you will be 100% fired.”

A third said, “This man is the worst employee I have ever seen.”

When a commenter asked what the charge would be for such a stunt in court, the worker claimed it was nothing as the filmed employee “didn’t mail it out to customers” and implied that the video was a joke.

In another clip, in which a customer requested additional tartar sauce for his Filet-o-Fish, the footage showed employees overloading both rolls with plenty of spice.

Followers referred to the TikTok user as the

Followers popped it as “disgusting” after the clerk splashed five hefty servings of the sauce onto one meal before adding seven to the second dish.

One commenter said, “Why do you have to do other ppl days “”

Another wrote: “This is just madd disrespectful and would be annoyed if someone did the same.”[sic]. “

However, another clip showed him responding to a question from a viewer, “Are the ice machines really broken?” By showing that the machine works and saying, “It works, we just don’t like making it.”

Another video, titled “You Eggs Are Wrong,” shows the employee entering the store’s walk-in refrigerator and showing a vacuum-packed bag of folded eggs that is premixed and just waiting to be heated.

One commenter wrote, “I knew McDonalds was rubbish and you still like it[sic]. “

One clip had the title

Another person said, “This is bloody nasty.”

One person commented, “That’s why it tastes like sponge[sic]. “

A UK spokesperson for McDonald’s said, “To be clear, this video is not from the UK and Irish markets, it appears to be from the US.”

McDonald’s USA confirmed that it is “actively investigating” because the preparation of food in the burger video does not meet the applicable “robust quality and safety standards for food”.

McDonald's worker films himself serving half-eaten burgers and 'ruining' food 1

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However, it has been admitted that omelette-style eggs are made in their suppliers’ kitchens before arriving in their restaurants in frozen form in order to maintain a “uniform shape”.

Commenting on the ice cream machine clip, McDonald’s stated that the machines are cleaned regularly, which “may result in customers having to wait longer or soft-serve machines unavailable”.

The company said it consistently works with franchisees to enhance and enhance the dining experience so customers can “buy the sweet treats they enjoy from their dessert menu, where and when they want”.


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