Meadows: ‘Still optimistic’ Trump will leave hospital on Monday

Meadows: ‘Still optimistic’ Trump will leave hospital on Monday

Trump, who was hospitalized on Friday evening, has been given two experimental drugs as well as a steroid generally reserved for patients with severe or critical coronavirus cases.

The president’s medical team announced on Sunday that Trump had received two limited-time oxygen therapy and that his blood oxygen levels had dropped below 94 percent – a worrying threshold for patients who indicate a moderate or severe case of Covid-19.

The White House has also refused to release any more detailed information about Trump’s Covid-19 testing over the past week. Throughout the weekend, the president’s aides and doctors offered conflicting assessments of his health and the timing of his infection.

For example, after Conley said Saturday morning that the president was “doing very well,” Meadows told reporters that Trump’s “vital signs have been very worrying over the past 24 hours,” and warned, “We’re still not on the ball Road to a full recovery goal. ”

On Monday, Meadows denied reports that Trump was enraged by making these horrific statements to the press and attempted to justify his assessment of the president’s health.

“I don’t know where anyone gets the ‘angry’ part … because the president and I have been together for the last 72 hours or more,” Meadows said.

“Look, I think it’s important that we be clear about the risks facing the president, and there were some real concerns on Friday morning – the doctor and I spoke on Friday morning – there were real concerns that we had in making the decision helped get Walter Reed, ”he added.

Meadows also defended Trump amid harsh criticism of his decision on Sunday afternoon to greet supporters who had gathered in front of Walter Reed, waving to them from a black SUV in his presidential motorcade, potentially endangering his intelligence detail.

A doctor treating Walter Reed denounced the spontaneous driving past as “madness” and written down on Twitter that the risk of Covid-19 transmission in Trump’s hermetically sealed vehicle is “as high as it is possible outside of medical procedures”.

But Meadows apparently argued Monday that the agents accompanying the president were exposed to possible infection from Trump even before joining the motorcade.

“You know, they criticize,” Well, he put his intelligence agent in danger. “Well, the intelligence agent – how do we think we got here?” Meadows said.

“I mean, we came here with Marine One. The Secret Service agent who is with him was with him. He was in cars with him. And yet we have taken extra precautions with PPE and others to make sure they are protected, “he said, adding that” some people are just trying to make a big deal of it.


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