Medic, 32, becomes first woman of colour to trek Antartic – before getting stranded

Preet Chandi, 32, from Derby, made it safely to the South Pole but is now stranded after the pilots who were supposed to fly them to Chile contracted Covid

Preet Chandi was stranded at the South Pole after a Covid outbreak (

Image: Preet Chandi / BPM Media)

A British Army medic, the first black woman to make history to migrate through Antarctica, is now stranded at the South Pole after a Covid outbreak.

Preet Chandi, 32, from Derby, covered 700 miles in 40 days and had temperatures of -50 ° C on her trip last week.

But she cannot fly back to Chile now because the pilots who are supposed to take her with them have been infected with the virus, reports Derbyshire Live.

After the trip to Union Glacier, Preet will fly to the South American country before returning to the UK in the coming days if all goes according to plan.

Preet is now waiting to fly to Chile


Preet Chandi / BPM media)

After arriving in Chile, she will be connected to the internet for the first time in over a month.

Since the hike ended, there has been a surge of support for the army captain, including from Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The Prime Minister praised Preet on her trip and said: “What an extraordinary achievement. Congratulations, Captain Preet Chandi. “

Preet covered 700 miles in 40 days


Preet Chandi / BPM media)

As she traveled across the continent, Preet told her followers on social media how she sometimes struggled to keep her motivated.

On December 26th, she said, “Today felt like one of my toughest days. Not because of the terrain, as the Sastrugi are getting smaller and smaller and I also had a good view.

“But I didn’t sleep much and I think that caught up with me.

“I was sick a few times today, which is actually just annoying because you don’t want to take off your face mask, really not what you want when you’re out here.”

But she persevered and after more than a month of hiking in the freezing cold, she successfully made it to the South Pole.

Preet told Forces News that she is hoping to return to Antarctica and make a longer voyage.

She said, “I hope to come back and make a crossing and a slightly longer journey.

“I don’t know exactly when I’ll be back, but as soon as I get the funding and the time away from work, that’s the next step.”

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