Meet the pup with the most beautiful eyes

Meet Lola – the winner of the first exciting category at TeamDogs’ online dog show.

This beautiful puppy won Most Beautiful Eyes against more than 300 other entries and wins a rosette and a gift box as well as promotion to the overall Best in Show category, which was announced on Saturday.

Submitted to the competition by Anita Mehdi, Lola is full of love and life and her gorgeous brown eyes are enough to melt any heart.

The dog show of our sister site TeamDogs is a six-day celebration of the special of our pets in the style of a virtual village festival, except that you can enjoy it in the warmth with a cup of tea.

Every day they will reveal a different category that you can enter = simply by sharing a photo or video of your wonderful dog.

There’s even a category for the best doppelganger – so if you and your dog could practically be twins, this is for you.

More than 300 puppies were entered in today’s category and just because they didn’t win doesn’t mean they didn’t completely melt our hearts.

Check it out 25 of our top candidates and give the good boys and girls the attention they deserve.

The fun is far from over, because tomorrow we’re looking for the puppy with the best wiggle tail. Keep an eye on the TeamDogs Facebook site for details on how to participate and may the best puppy win.


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