Meghan Markle felt 'shunted' in Nottingham Cottage while living in the UK

Meghan Markle felt “deported” from Kensington Palace in Nottingham Castle when she moved into Prince Harry’s house, it was alleged.

The Sussexes currently live in the United States as Meghan Markle awaits the birth of her second child.

The couple have been embroiled in controversy since the interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which the royal family and people of Britain had backlash.

There has been speculation about whether the couple will return to the country in July to unveil the memorial statue of Princess Diana.

However, speculation suggests that Meghan’s brief stint on the royal front suggests she never enjoyed living on the royal estates. reports the express.

Speaking to podcast host Ann Gripper, Quinn said Meghan was originally “drawn” to the fantasy element that comes with joining the royal family.

The author claimed, however, that Meghan then realized with disappointment that she and Harry would live “in a little house”.

He continued, “I think she wasn’t particularly interested in that.

“It seemed like they were being taken to a small prefabricated house on the premises.”

Harry had lived in Nottingham Cottage, nicknamed Nott Cott, since 2013. Meghan moved in with him shortly before their engagement was announced.

The “cozy” two-bedroom property on the Kensington Palace estate is significantly smaller than the current Sussex mansion near LA, which has 16 bathrooms.

In the pro-Sussex biography Finding Freedom, however, authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand claimed that the future Duchess was initially “excited” to live there.

They claimed, “After months of being away, Meghan was thrilled to finally share a zip code, W8 4PY, with her partner.

“She felt at home with Harry in Nott Cott – it could bloom wherever it was planted, but she hadn’t moved to London to start a new job.

“She had moved to London to start a new life.”


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