Meghan Markle played touching part in Prince Philip's funeral despite absence

Meghan Markle asked her to put a handwritten note from her next to a wreath at Prince Philip’s funeral today.

The Duchess of Sussex wanted to attend the ceremony even though she was unable to attend in person as the doctors prevented her from traveling to the funeral because she is pregnant.

But she wrote a touching note remembering the Duke of Edinburgh and making sure it was placed next to a wreath, confirmed BBC coverage of the funeral.

The wreath itself was chosen for the flowers of its beloved Greece and the holly in honor of the Royal Marines.

Meghan is said to have followed the funeral with Archie via a livestream from LA.

Buckingham Palace confirmed that arrangements were being made for those close to the Duke who could not be present in person to watch the service.

They were given special login details.

The coverage was the same as that broadcast to the nation, but without the live commentary and pandemic.


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