Meghan Markle was told by Queen she could continue acting

Meghan Markle could have continued her acting career after marrying Prince Harry, a royal expert has claimed.

Biographer Andrew Morton says the Queen gave the couple different options for different avenues within the royal family.

The couple admitted that they struggled with life after they got married before giving up their leadership roles last year.

But now it is claimed that the family “gave them the opportunity to go where they wanted”. reports the mirror.

On the Royally Obsessed podcast, Morton said, “You have been given some leeway. You have been told this is your first class tickets. Select the country you want to go to. We will make you youth ambassadors.” the community ‘.

“In fairness to the royal family, out of fairness to the queen, she gave them the opportunity to go where they wanted.

“And besides, they said to Meghan, if you don’t want to take on royal duties, please be our guest and continue your acting career.

“These options were open to her.”

However, Morton believes Meghan and Harry didn’t think enough about the options and instead decided to become full-time royals.

He explains, “I don’t think either of them thought about what they should have done. I think that the famous warning from Prince William to ‘hold on to thinking about what you are doing’ ‘that Harry reined in was probably more so what was meant was affection.

“I think William understood more than Harry did that it is difficult to become a member of the royal family. You think of Catherine Middleton. She is British, she grew up with the traditions, obviously she was a citizen, but she has one very healthy and strong character family.

“Meghan had none of it. She’s American, she had no idea about the royal family.

“In a way, Harry should have been a little more careful and spent a little more time on your engagement and promotion. It’s taking a long time.”

In declaring that they were planning to step down from their royal leadership positions, Meghan and Harry said they wanted to “carve out a progressive new role within the institution”.

They promised to continue to support the queen and in their response to the monarch’s announcement that they would lose their royal patronage, they said they would continue their role as “service”.


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