Meghan Markle's great-great-great-grandmother was cook at Windsor Castle

Meghan Markle’s great-great-great-grandmother was a cook at Windsor Castle in the 1850s.

The Duchess of Sussex’s family previously claimed that her ancestor Mary Bird was part of the royal household in the 19th century and said she was a maid.

Now her name has been found in a database by Royal Household employees. There was a worker named M. Bird who appeared in the Windsor Castle weekly payout book in 1856.

This was reported around the time Mary would have been in the UK The express.

Mary Bird, Meghan’s great-great-great-grandmother

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert made Windsor Castle their main royal residence, although Victoria complained at the beginning of her reign that the castle was “boring and tiresome” and “prison-like” and preferred Osborne and Balmoral as holiday residences.

Victoria was very interested in the details of Windsor Castle’s governance, including the details of the social events.

The Queen avoided using Buckingham Palace after Albert’s death in 1861 and instead used Windsor Castle as her residence when conducting official business near London.

Meghan’s great-great-great-grandmother later married Thomas Bird, an Irish shoemaker who served as an officer in the British Army.

Her family denied her and so the couple decided to move with the army to Malta, where they started a family in 1862.

They had two children together, including Meghan’s great-great-grandmother, who was also called Mary.

The family lived in Malta for the next 20 years, but following the death of her husband, Mary and the children immigrated to Canada before moving to Meredith and eventually settling in New Hampshire.

Mary is believed to be linked to Meghan on her father’s side.


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