Mercedes Benz to use Hololens 2 for technical service

Mercedes Benz to use Hololens 2 for technical service

Many services have been adapted to continue operating despite the pandemic. Each business has adapted as best as possible to these circumstances, investing its money in new measures that help its continuity. In the case of the German manufacturer Mercedes Benz, its workers have received an improvement thanks to the fact that the Hololens 2 will facilitate speed in service.

Direct talks with the technicians with the Hololens

Many may have taken the car this vacation to a destination outside of their autonomous community. Many will have returned safe and sound, while others will have left their car in a workshop to fix it. And is that a small inspection can save you that your car leaves you lying on any road, although a failure can always occur.

The workshops have changed the way they act, at least in the case of Mercedes Benz, where their workers will have the Hololens 2 as support. This will facilitate collaboration between workers, specifically between mechanics and technicians. The task of diagnosis and repair will be done in tandem as the cameras will offer a live image of what the mechanic sees.

But this will not be the only function that can be performed on site. Having a video call service while you work is important in this job, but let’s remember that the Hololens 2 are a device capable of creating holograms in real time. This brings extra value to the service and improves it by maintaining the relevant safety distance. Thanks to the holographic system, both the specialist and the technician can mark positions of the car in real time, either in a hologram or by placing indications with the data provided by the mechanic.


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