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Messiah: Is Season 2 Renewed Or Cancelled? Know Every Detail Here

Messiah: Is Season 2 Renewed Or Cancelled? Know Every Detail Here

Messiah is an American thriller web series released on Netflix on January 1, 2020. The series consists of 10 episodes that quite a number of people love.

The show was created by Michael Petroni and produced by Brandon Guercio and David Nicksay. The show has received positive comments from many viewers.

Messiah Season 2 Release date

So, for the fans eagerly awaiting Messiah season 2, Netflix has announced that it will not renew the series. Some say the renewal has been canceled due to some “anti-Islamic” allegations, but we don’t know what the truth is.

William Travel, who played Will Mathers on the series, confirmed in his Instagram account that “the next season of the series is not coming.”

He also thanked his fans for all the love and support. He wrote, “It’s a very sad day today,” indicating that the actor is unhappy with the Messiah season 2 cancellation news.

Still, we recommend that you don’t lose heart and keep hope alive. We never know if the creators will change their mind and start working on the script for the next season.

The Cast Of Messiah Season 2

Messiah’s cast includes Mehdi Dehbi, Michelle Lynn Monaghan, Tomar Sisley, John Otiz, Jane Adams, Melinda Page Hamilton, Stefania LaVie Owen, Fares Landoulsi, Wants Travel and Sayyid El Alami.

The Storyline Of Messiah Season 2

We all know that the creators canceled Season 2 of Messiah and it was announced by Netflix on March 26, 2020.

But if the creators decide to revamp the series, the story would revolve around Isa (Jesus) gathering a group of people who became his followers.

People begin to treat him as a god and assume that he is capable of doing the impossible. The storyline remains somewhat similar to Season 1.

Trailer of the show

Since season 2 of Messiah didn’t get a thumbs up from the creators, there’s no official trailer for the show. But you can check out the season 1 trailer. Maybe this one is of interest to you.



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