Met Office issues hopeful 'mini-heatwave' update

The Met Office said the UK could see another “mini heat wave” soon.

Forecasters say the energy and heat of a hurricane in the United States could bring dry and beautiful weather to the country.

The warm period is expected to break in next week.

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However, it is unlikely that temperatures in the country will rise as high as the 30C heat last week.

Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin said The sun : “At the moment it looks like high pressure will be the dominant feature.

“It won’t be as insanely warm as it was in the first half of this week and it will be cold at night, but it could mean nice and dry weather.

“The battle between high and low pressure will last until the beginning of next week.

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“At first glance it looks like the high will win, but a low pressure in the south cannot be ruled out.

“It depends on the exact location of the jet stream and how things interact with Hurricane Larry.”

The Met Office’s long-term forecast for Friday, September 17 through Sunday, September 26, states that temperatures “will likely be close to average”.

It reads: “Fine and dry to start on Friday in central and eastern areas. Heavy rains in places and initially strong winds from the northwest will gradually spread to the southeast over the course of the day.

“During the weekend and beyond, there is a signal of predominantly nice and dry weather in southern and eastern areas with different amounts of clouds and sunny phases, but with the risk of nebulae overnight. Towards the northwest maybe more cloudy with the chance of rain at times, which can spread to other areas to the southeast.

“There is also a possibility that these volatile conditions could spread across the UK. Overall, temperatures will likely be almost above average, but with the chance of some cool nights, especially in the north.”


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