Met Office issues promising news to those wanting to party on New Year's Eve

The Met Office has told the British that they can enjoy mostly good and warm weather on New Year’s Eve when we say goodbye in 2021.

Weather forecasters have said that party-goers can experience some good outdoor partying conditions in 2022.

Pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs have spruced up outside areas where they can be opened due to restrictions and are expecting a record night despite rising Covid cases.

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The Met Office said yesterday there is a good chance the UK will see the warmest New Year’s Eve ever, surpassing the current high of 14.8 ° C in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, in 2011, the Guardian reports.

The Met Office forecaster Craig Snell said: “The records are threatened on both days.

“Even at midnight it’s probably 10-12 ° C when you would expect 3-5 ° C. You don’t need a complete winter outfit and you can probably move your celebrations outside. “

In Birmingham, temperatures of 15 ° C are expected today and on New Years Day with no rain forecast.

Snell added that it was impossible to tell if this warm weather period was due to the climate emergency. “But what we can say is that these kinds of extremes are becoming more common.”

Although warm, December was very cloudy with an average of 27 hours of sunshine in the UK – about 40% less than normal for that time of year.

The warm temperatures will not last, with some predicting a “snow bomb” for January.

Heavy snow is expected across the country as Newcastle and Northumberland have been hit hard by the white stuff.

There will also be decent dusting in Scotland, while further south in the Midlands and Wales, as well as the Cotswolds, northwest England and Cumbria, excitement is expected.

About 11 inches of snow is expected in Scotland, while Manchester and Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, can expect 4 inches of snow.

But the Met Office has forecast from January 14th to January 28th: ​​”In the second half of January, a continuation of the rather changeable regime with wet and windy weather periods is expected, which will be interrupted by drier, brighter periods.”

“Overall, it is expected that temperatures will remain slightly above average due to milder phases and shorter cold spells,” added the forecast agency.

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